Keeping it Local

I set up Jex Business Services with a plan to provide services to both the global oilfield chemicals business where I have worked for my whole career, as well as local small and medium-sized businesses in my home region. Unfortunately my timing has not been great to start a new business – I resigned from my day job immediately before Coronavirus shut down most business activity in the UK and further afield! While I am finding that there is strong interest from clients in the oilfield chemicals field, this is work which involves international travel and the current Covid 19 restrictions mean that I am unlikely to be jumping on a flight to Dubai or Houston any time soon!

A change of market reality means a change of approach, at least for the short term, and I will focus my immediate efforts closer to home. So if you are a small or medium sized business in Yorkshire or the North Midlands, please get in touch. What can I do for your business? I have a corporate background with a strong track record of building and growing businesses. My skills are primarily commercial and strategic. I can help you to develop a strategy for your whole business, for a new product / service or for an expansion of your sales – for example if you want to export to a new market. I can help you with your marketing strategy – identifying opportunities in your market, developing your product range, analysing your competition, pricing correctly, distributing effectively, promotional activity (online, advertising, etc.) Is your organisation fit for purpose? Do you have the right people in the right job? Are your customers happy? I can help you to answer these questions, and to come up with a plan to improve if you don’t like the answers.

“But I’ve never worked with a consultant, what does it mean?” you might ask. It can mean lots of things, but the way I work is to try to understand the business, to take an “outsider” view of something which an owner may be very close to, to challenge why things are done a certain way, or the assumptions that are made about what is (or is not) possible. I work with the owners and managers to understand their objectives, brainstorm what might be possible – and then come up with a plan to make it happen!

“But isn’t it really expensive?” Well that depends… Yes, my consulting rates to global clients in oilfield chemicals reflect my 30 years of industry experience, the scale and complexity of the business challenges, in addition to the costs for travelling and accommodation when working with multinational businesses in varied locations. The good news for your business is that you have an internationally experienced business consultant right here on your doorstep, who currently cannot travel and is keen to work with local SMEs! I am ready to be flexible on rates, and am looking for interesting businesses to support and challenges to help with. Give me a call, tell me about your business challenges and I am happy to discuss how I might be able to help you. No cost and no obligation for an initial discussion. I will aim to make my services affordable and realistic, so that I can really add value to your business. I look forward to working with you.

Published by johnjex

Director and Principal Consultant, Jex Business Services.

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