That’s what friends are for…

I have thought about launching my own business many times over the years, but somehow it was never the right time. Life got in the way – family and financial commitments, a busy social life, global travel, a corporate career, a million other distractions. I got to February 2020, my kids had grown up and left home, I wasn’t enjoying corporate life, so what was holding me back? Nothing. It was now or never. So I quit my day job, set up a company and launched Jex Business Services. Between making the decision in February and opening for business in May the world was plunged into the Coronavirus crisis and life (and business) changed in some fundamental ways that I could not have predicted – great timing! But I can’t change the situation in which we all find ourselves, so the only thing to do is to remain positive and move forward.

Aside from the necessary administration of setting up a new business (company registration, bank accounts, insurance, branding, websites, social media, etc.) I have spent much of the first few weeks talking to people in my network to get the word out about the services that I am offering, and seek out opportunities. Happily, despite the uncertainties due to Covid 19, I have found that there is a strong interest in working with me. I am grateful to the former colleagues, customers and friends that have opened doors for me which will lead to paid assignments, connected me with others that may need my services, encouraged and advised me, and offered pro-bono work to do (yes, I might not get paid, but it is still valuable to hone my skills and create a portfolio of work). You all know who you are, and I appreciate the support more than you can imagine. I hope to repay the favour one day. That’s what friends are for.

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Director and Principal Consultant, Jex Business Services.

2 thoughts on “That’s what friends are for…

  1. Hi John. Bravo for the site and your decision to go it alone (not necessarily in that order !). Yes, coronavirus has made a complete mess of things, but I hope you’re able to keep your head above water.

    For my own part I’m sort of semi-retired (I left Univar, thank goodness, despite what my LinkedIn page currently says), but associated with three ex-SLB colleagues who have set up their own business in the cementing domain : an excellent well-equipped lab based in Pau with associated formulation and testing expertise and we sell a range of products for cementing formulations. If ever you are in need …

    And likewise I note your situation and will have you in mind for anything appropriate that I come across in my perambulations.

    Meantime, good luck with the start-up post-Covid (UK is about 3 weeks behind us here in France, but let’s not kid ourselves – it ain’t over yet !).

    Best wishes

    Nigel Evans
    +33 6 85 31 63 27


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