First Assignment

It’s a milestone in the evolution of a new business to complete a first assignment, so I am grateful to Nicky at EyeCandy Professional for the opportunity to support her marketing strategy for a new product launch (it’s all hush-hush, so I can’t give away the details!) I helped to turn Nicky’s ideas and passion for her product into a strong marketing message targeted to her client base, clearly communicating the features and benefits of the product in a format and style suitable for use on a website which will shortly be launched.

I also appreciate the positive feedback and great review on the JBS Facebook page! EyeCandy Professional is a recently launched West Yorkshire-based small business. If you have a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) in Yorkshire or the North Midlands, and need help with developing your strategy, marketing your products and services, growing your sales and improving your profitability, please get in touch with Jex Business Services. An initial chat about your business and how we can help is free of charge.

Published by johnjex

Director and Principal Consultant, Jex Business Services.

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