More or Less

Just a very quick update to comment on a BBC Radio 4 series that I have been following during the past few months. More or Less explains, and debunks, statistics used in political debate, the news and everyday life. The current series began as a one-off Coronavirus “special” on 14th March, and was then extended multiple times. They have analysed the data used to inform political decisions, both in real time and looking back (sometimes with the benefit of hindsight, but also looking at data and comparisons that were available at the time of a decision). Extremely factual and insightful, More or Less were weeks ahead of other news programmes in presenting positions which were controversial at the time, but later accepted as accurate, in particular regarding the timing of the start of lockdown in the UK. The final programme of the series has just been broadcast, and is well worth a listen on BBC Sounds, as it summarises all of the previous programmes.

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