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30 years of business experience can be directed to support the development of commercial and technical strategies. We can work alongside your team to support the execution of the plans that are developed.

This page details recent examples of consultancy work that has been undertaken by Jex Business Services.

Support with strategy development & execution, business growth and profitability improvement.

Case History – July 2020 to present (retained)

Since July 2020, our Principal Consultant has been retained as an advisor to a US-based chemical manufacturer and supplier, who offer biocides and other chemicals for application in oil production, stimulation and drilling applications. We are advising and consulting on strategy for growth in the Middle East and North Sea markets, including channels to market, regional distribution and regulatory compliance. We are currently supporting the development of manufacturing partnerships in the Middle East. During 2021 we supported executive search activity to recruit for key business roles in the Middle East.

Case History – May 2022 to present (retained)

Since May 2022, our Principal Consultant has been retained as an advisor to a European chemical manufacturer (part of a South East Asia-based multinational), who offer a wide range of surfactants and polymers for oilfield application. In the initial phase we facilitated and led a full day workshop for key commercial and technical staff to develop understanding of the oilfield chemicals market. During a planned long-term partnership, we are advising and consulting on strategy for sales growth, product portfolio development and actively supporting business development activity with existing and new clients.

Case History – August 2020 to January 2022 (retained)

Our Principal Consultant was retained for an extended period as an advisor to a UK-based chemical manufacturer and supplier, who offer a well established and field proven range of demulsifier intermediates, plus tolling capabilities for oilfield chemicals including acrylate polymers. During this long-term partnership, we advised and consulted on strategy for sales growth in the EMEA region, product range development and supporting business development activity with existing and new clients. The client moved focus to manufacturing investments in early 2022, but plans to return to our engagement later in 2022.

Case History – March to September 2021

Multiple short-term assignments to support sourcing of speciality additives for acid stimulation and cementing for projects in Qatar and Uganda. Connected Qatar-based service company with multiple regional and global chemical manufacturers, requesting and reviewing product technical data and commercial offers, supporting tender bid preparation.

Case History – June to July 2021

Short-term consulting assignment with a small, East Midlands-based supplier of industrial & institutional cleaning products. Reviewed business performance, strengths and weaknesses, and developed plans to focus sales activity on markets where the proprietor had experience and knowledge. Plans were also developed to move from sourcing of ready-made products to formulation of an in-house product range. Contacts were developed with raw material suppliers, toll manufacturers and contract packers to support execution of this approach.

Case History – June 2021

Initial short-term research questionnaire and follow-up telephone consultation to review the market and regulations for biodegradable and environmentally sensitive oilfield chemicals. This was followed by a longer project, completed in partnership with a specialist regulatory consultant, to produce a detailed report addressing the environmental regulation of oilfield chemicals.

Case History – March 2021

Short-term telephone consultation to review market development of oilfield chemicals for a manufacturing company. Discussed and reviewed technical and commercial trends in the market for biocides and scale inhibitors. Reviewed contracting and sourcing trends in the industry, including direct supply from manufacturers to operators.

Case Histories – December 2020 to May 2021

Multiple short-term assignments to support understanding of the market for oilfield biocides. Discussed trends in the use and supply of glutaraldehyde, THPS and other oilfield biocides. Clients included global expert networks and market research organisations.

Case History – June 2020

Working with the regional office of a major US-based consultancy, our Principal Consultant conducted a review of the supply chain and cost drivers for two classes of oilfield production chemical (demulsifier and pour point depressant) used by a major state-owned oil operator in Southeast Asia. Following initial discussions with the client to understand the requirements, we conducted interviews with market participants to verify assumptions and finally prepared a detailed report reviewing typical product formulations and material costs, supply chain details, required infrastructure investment, product pricing and profitability. Supporting information related to product design, product application and chemical blending operations were also provided.

Case History – May 2020

During multiple telephone consultations with a Paris-based market research company, our Principal Consultant provided insights into the market for Oilfield Production Chemicals, reviewing product types, volumes and pricing, supply chains, market size, structure, participants and growth rates.

John is one of those energetic types who always seems to be on top of his game. A strong communicator and networker who has a wealth of experience in the oil patch in various regional locations. Very easy to deal with and always helpful.

Peter Henderson, CEO, Global Company for Chemical Industries (GCI), Saudi Arabia

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